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Odontoiatric video-endoscope

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The invention enables to perform video assisted odontology, using intraoral video-cameras, anti-fog systems, micro-illuminator devices, computers and multi-monitor workstations. The device allows for accurate visual examination, relieves operational difficulties of physician, and optimize the availability of radiological and photographic reports, video recordings, odontoiatric CAD/CAM and medical rendering.

Technical features

The odontoiatric video-endoscope comprises a computer connected to high-definition colour monitors, operating according to the DICOM standard; and a plurality of intraoral video cameras. The device is provided for use as both, an intraoral video camera with interchangeable head system, for use as operating microscope, and an intraoral video camera with non-interchangeable head system, easier to use and eventually compatible with platforms for telemedicine and/or videoconference. The odontoiatric video-endoscope can be connected to devices for naso-pharyngeal endoscopy. In addition, the device comprises an anti-fogging system (carrying an atoxic, transparent and apyrogenic fluid) fastened on intraoral video cameras; and a micro-illuminator system associated with intraoral video cameras, made with optical-fibre technology and arranged to emit a light beam within oral cavity of the patient.

Possible Applications

  • Video assisted odontology;
  • Oral endoscopy in implantology;
  • Nasal endoscopy, for maxillary sinus control during transcrestal uplift maneuverer;
  • Use in endodontics, like operatory microscope;
  • Telemedicine interventions;
  • Teaching.


  • Less operator fatigue, operator can keep a proper posture;
  • Access to parts of oral cavity that are difficult to reach;
  • Optimised multi-monitor workstation for viewing of radiographs, photographs, videos, odontoiatric CAD/CAM and medical rendering;
  • Exposition to the patient with images and movies, related to his specific case and patient entertainment.