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Ocular dominance meaurement device

Biometric; eye testFitness testOcular dominance


The invention concerns a method to measure ocular dominance using a drawing device, a computer and computer screen. The apparatus is simple to setup and the measure is robust and it is obtained quickly.

Technical features

There are currently no methods able to correctly quantify ocular dominance, the few existing methods give conflicting results and none of them are based on an explicit model of binocular vision. The present invention relates to a system and a procedure for quantifying ocular dominance: a person sits in front of a computer screen and tracks the contour of an observed disc, set around 5 cm far from the screen. The method evaluates the differences between the contours produced when tracking with both eyes open or when only one eye is used. A numeric measure indicates relative dominance of each eye in forming the overall binocular percept.

Possible Applications

  •  Security applications that use biometric features;
  • Customization of VR environments to reduce sickness;
  • Clinical or fitness test (i.e for pilots).


  • Accurate and precise measurement of the ocular dominance;
  • Possibility to use the same apparatus in many computers;
  • Easy to use, no need of any technical expertise;
  • Wide range of applications in industry and research;
  • The measure strongly indicates actual subjective perception.