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Oasis: GreenValve system for gate valves

Energy recoveryFlow regulationGate valvesGuillotine valvesRecupero di energiaRegulating valves


The invention allows for the recovery of part of the energy that common regulation valves dissipate. The valve consists of a turbine positioned downstream from the guillotine shutter. The turbine is positioned immediately downstream from the valve in a special position that allows for energy to be recovered from the flow of water.

Technical features

The invention (TRL 3) positions a turbine in a specific position downstream from the valve with gate and/or guillotine shutter. The turbine can be integrated into the structure of the valve, or provide an independent structure to be installed downstream from the valve. The turbine must have its axis of rotation perpendicular to the direction of the flow, as well as the direction of movement of the shutter. In addition, the axis of rotation of the turbine is parallel to the plane of movement of the shutter, in a position that varies according to the shape of the shutter. Depending on the various conditions it can be used, a deflector can be provided upstream of the valve. There is an ever growing need to manage irrigation networks with more accurate tools for forecasting water demand (satellite networks and IoT systems installed in the field.) These are valuable both for the end user (a farmer who can control and manage their own consumption) and for the managers of the irrigation network (irrigation consortiums can manage the volumes distributed to their members with agreed and controlled rules of distribution.)

Possible Applications

  • Regulation of pressurised fluid flows for civil applications;
  • Regulation of pressurised fluid flows for industrial applications.


  • Lower fabrication costs, as the gate valve may already be present in the pipeline;
  • Differening characteristic curves, depending on the shape of the gate valve;
  • Modularity of the system;
  • The size of the turbine is not dependent on the size of the pipe.