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Nutriosomes: prebiotic antioxidant vesicles

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Preparation of nutriosomes, lamellar vesicles made of phospholipids, dextrinic fibers soluble in water, and natural antioxidants. The nutriosomes can incorporate high amounts of active ingredients and are intended for the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis upon oral administration. Nutriosomes should be used to formulate nutraceutical and/or pharmaceutical products.

Technical features

The present invention refers to the preparation of aqueous vesicular dispersions called nutriosomes, to their lyophilization to obtain a powder of the solid complex with high stability over time, and to the extemporaneous hydration of the lyophilized vesicular complex to obtain a dispersion designed for oral administration. The invention also refers to their use in pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical compositions intended for the oral administration of natural antioxidants. These are innovative systems capable of protecting the incorporated active ingredients, otherwise easily degradable, and promoting their therapeutic effect. The combination of phospholipids, dextrinic fibers, and antioxidants represents an innovative strategy aimed at obtaining products for the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis.

Possible Applications

Application to pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical fields:

  • Products for oral administration (sachets, granules, products with tank caps) containing nutriosomes with antioxidant and prebiotic activities, for the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis and local or systemic oxidative stress.


  • Protection of natural substances from degradation;
  • Increased stability over time;
  • High reproducibility of the preparation method at industrial level;
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of the incorporated active ingredients.