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Nose post-surgery dressing device

Nasal deviceRhinosurgeries


The present invention consists of a new medical device for rhinosurgical  operations, whose main objective is to restore a correct airways structure and to minimize post-operative complications for the patient.

Technical features

The invention consists in the development of a new dressing device to be used following the most common nose surgery procedures aimed at the post-surgical treatment of a condition of nasal obstruction. The purpose of the invention is to provide a unique device that meets the need for localized tamponade on the structures involved in the surgical operation and which can be modulated during the period of use according to the patient’s needs, trying to overcome problems and complications caused by the devices and techniques. currently on the market and used by surgeons, integrating new functions such as a drainage path for post-operative fluids and cleaning the nasal cavity during the hospitalization period.

Possible Applications

  • Functional nose surgery.


  • Correct breathing of the patient;
  • Septum support and modular tamponade from the outside of surgical wounds, depending on the patient’s need and pain;
  • Standardization of the postoperative procedure;
  • Cost reduction.