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No more bad smell from household waste

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The invention concerns a composition to prevent the formation of bad smelling volatile substances during storage of kitchen waste. The composition is in the form of a dry powder that can be sprinkled on organic waste every time this is introduced in the bin. A further feature is the prevention of insects’ proliferation.

Technical features

The bad smell of household waste is a growing problem as the separate collection of the organic fraction of urban solid waste forces householders to keep organic waste in the bin for relatively long periods. The preparation is cheap, easy to use and do not interfere with subsequent composting treatments. This product is a mix of non toxic and environmental friendly organic and inorganic compounds. It is a dry powder, stable over time and easy to store. Its application consists in a simple aspersion. It is unique in that it prevents the formation of bad smells. It does not absorb, not cover or mask or dilute bad smelling substances, but does not allow them to be formed. It is not harmful for the environment and does not interfere with composting or biogas production.

Possible Applications

  • Composting/fertilizers;
  • Organic waste management.


  • Better management of householder organic waste;
  • Inexpensive, effective simple to use and safe for the environment;
  • Mitigation of the disadvantages of the separate waste collection;
  • Formulations can be optimized according to type of waste and costumers needs.