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New three-dimensionally aggregated vesicles

Cutaneous administrationInnovative vesiclesPhospholipid nanocarriersSkin diseasesThree-dimensionally aggregated vesicles


Preparation and use of three-dimensionally aggregated vesicles composed of phospholipids and at least one active ingredient, either lipophilic or hydrophilic, dispersed in a vehicle formed by a mixture of alcohols, polyhydric alcohols and/or polyoxyethylenes in the presence of a small amount (<10 %) or in the absence of water, for the pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic treatment of skin diseases.

Technical features

This invention refers to innovative three-dimensionally aggregated nanovesicles obtained by using different phospholipids and at least one pharmacologically and/or cosmetically active ingredient, dispersed in a non-aqueous vehicle (water is absent or present in small amounts, <10%), composed of mixtures with various compositions of alcohols, polyalcohols, polyglycols and/or polyoxyethylenes. The invention also refers to the preparation of three-dimensionally structured vesicles and their use in pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic compositions for topical applications. These are highly versatile systems able to promote the accumulation and permeation of the incorporated active ingredients in the different skin layers or through the skin and to modulate the therapeutic and/or cosmetic effect of both natural or synthetic substances as a function of the treatment requested.

Possible Applications

Application in the pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic field:

  • Gels, lotions or creams, designed for topical use, containing these three-dimesionally aggregated vesicles, which can maintain the healthy conditions of the skin or be used for the treatment of different skin diseases.


  • Improved ability to incorporate both natural and synthetic active ingredients;
  • Increased stability over time;
  • High reproducibility of the preparation method at industrial level;
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of the active ingredients incorporated in these systems;
  • Easy application on the skin.