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New synthetic process for phenolic derivatives

base catalysed reactionscatecholcyclization reactionglycerol carbonatephenol


The invention refers to a new process for obtaining phenol derivatives through the use of glycerol carbonate, known as a safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly compound. The innovative and sustainable process does not require any reaction solvent or halogenated compound, thus it can be considered a Green Chemistry method, of interest to the pharmaceutical industry.

Technical features

Today, organic carbonates are among the most promising candidates for phasing-out of conventional harmful solvents and reagents, used in the innovative intermediates development for the pharmaceutical industry and for the production of lubricants and polymers. In particular, these are the most environmentally friendly alternatives for carbonylation and alkylation reactions. In this context, the invention refers to the synthesis of phenolic derivates through the alkylation and consecutive intramolecular cyclization reaction of catechol and glycerol carbonate. The reaction can be carried out in the presence of a homogeneous or heterogeneous catalyst, ensuring in any case good selectivity and high yields of the desired product.



Possible Applications

  • Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Lubricants and polymers production.


  • Very good yield;
  • Higher selectivity;
  • Environmentally friendly process.