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Airway hyperresponsivenessASTHMALUNGStress ossidativo


Current therapies for COPD and Asthma have severe limitations. In fact, 5% -10% of asthmatic patients do not respond adequately to the treatment and in COPD the cure is not particularly effective in reducing the progression of the disease and mortality. The need for new molecules for the treatment of these pathologies is evident in order to fill the gap for the unmet need nowadays present.

Technical features

The peptide is present in the blood and it has been described as a biomarker of different diseases; its main known function is that of antioxidant enzyme. In this project we have described a specific action of this protein on bronchial smooth muscle, which stimulates bronchodilation, especially in the medium and small airways. Compared to current therapies, there is a difference in the mechanism of action that is not the classic one of the main bronchodilator drugs on the market. Therefore, its potential for use is both as a single molecule and in association with other bronchodilator drugs. This can lead to a more effective action in those patients who are not very responsive to traditional therapy and probably a slowdown in the progression of the disease.    

Possible Applications

  • Treatment as a bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory drug for COPD;
  • Treatment as a bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory drug for Asthma;
  • Prevention of acute episodes in Asthma and COPD;
  • Reduction in the progression of COPD and asthma disease;
  • Improvement of treatment in association with other.


  • Prevention of COPD and Asthma, in high-risk population;
  • To be used in combination with other treatments to improve the efficacy of the therapy;
  • Effectiveness in the whole population or in a greater percentage than with current therapies;
  • Reduce relapses, disease progression and mortality;
  • Improve respiratory function of patients;
  • Increase adherence to therapy.