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AntioxidantHydrosolubleUV boosterUVA radiationUVB radiationUVR radiation


The invention consists of new dualistic molecules capable of counteracting the solar damage generated by UV rays (photo and pollution induced) with a dual mechanism: on the one hand, boostering activity of UV filter and on the other, dampening the reactivity of free radicals produced by the radiation itself (antioxidant action).

Technical features

The invention consists of a compound comprising dualistic molecules with the broadest possible UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation booster capacity and antioxidant activity to counteract the damages produced by the radiation themselves. This compound can be easily used in the pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic sector and/or in medical devices used as UV filters booster and free radical quencing agents. Furthermore, the compound acts as a water-soluble UV filter booster thanks to the presence of sulfonic acid and its salts, providing adequate sun protection at lower filters concentrations and thus with good compliance. The parent molecule PBSA is an effective filter against UVB rays, which however does not offer UVA protection and is completely devoid of antioxidant activity. By appropriately modifying its structure, completely unattended, it emerged not only that the molecules obtained were also endowed with antioxidant activity, but that the spectrum of activity spread from UVB to UVA.

Possible Applications

  • Anti UV-pollution induced damages for Pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic formulations and/or medical devices for skin or hair;
  • Additive for polimers (strong antioxidant);
  • Preservative.


  • Dualistic molecules with simultaneous booster and antioxidant capacity;
  • Protective spectrum against UVA and UVB radiation;
  • Water-soluble;
  • Anti skin photoageing induced by pollution and UV radiation.