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New method for Golgi visualization

Central nervous systemGolgi-CoxImmunofluorescence


The invention relates to a visualization and characterization method of the central nervous system through the staining of histological section by metal impregnation and immunofluorescence at the same time.

Technical features

Compared to the classical method of visualization and characterization of the nervous system by metal impregnation and immunofluorescence, the present invention enables the simultaneous implementation of these two techniques in a single method of simple practicability and high reproducibility.

The method allows, at the same time, to obtain an amplification of the effects of these two techniques on the visualization of the morpho-structural conformations of nerve tissue, using a conventional or confocal microscopy.

Possible Applications

  • Neuroscientific basis research;
  • Neurodegenerative diseases;
  • Neuronal morphological changes;
  • Three-dimensional neuronal modeling;
  • Neural computational models.


  • Highest visualization of details and neurochemical nature of the neuron;
  • Characterization of antigens with antibodies in Golgi-Cox material;
  • Anatomical interactions among neuronal elements;
  • Confocal laser scanning microscope, 3D reconstructions and modeling;
  • Savings of laboratory animals.