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New diagnostic method for colorectal cancer

BloodColorectal cancerMRNA markersRT-qPCR


The invention relates to a method and a kit for diagnosis of colorectal cancer (CRC) from blood sample.

Technical features

This invention can diagnose the presence of some blood markers related to the development of colorectal cancer. Early detection is the key factor to reduce mortality from colorectal cancer. By this highly specific and sensitive diagnostic method, based on a blood test, the diagnosis would become simpler, more handy, affordable, effective and easily adhered by patients.

Possible Applications

  • Medical-pharmaceutical field to carry out screening and diagnostic tests;
  • Replacement or addition to the existing CRC screening carried out on faeces.


  • Suitable for screening analysis;
  • Based on whole blood test which is handy, easy to access, and acceptable for the patient;
  • Higher adherence of the population to the test;
  • Higher sensibility and specificity in comparison to the faeces screening.