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New antitumoral formulation

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The invention refers to a nanoformulation made with the aim of increasing the bioavailability and the antitumor activity in vivo of fenretinide administered orally. The physical and chemical properties of the molecule are optimized to make the drug soluble and bioavailable in the body fluids, thanks to bionanofenretinide which is prepared for nano-encapsulation of fenretinide in biocompatible and biofunctional carriers.

Technical features

Fenretinide is an excellent antitumor drug active towards a wide range of tumors, with excellent tolerability. However, its low water solubility limits its therapeutic use since, even the administration of high doses of the drug does not provide adequate plasma levels to produce an adequate therapeutic effect.

Bionanofenretinide is an innovative nanoformulation based on the nano-encapsulation of drugs in amphiphilic carriers. These carriers are able to provide drug-carriers complexes with optimal physical and chemical properties for the drug solubilization in the fluids of the administration environment and the further drug disposition in the organism until the specific therapeutic target is reached.

Possible Applications

  • The innovative formulation can be used along with conventional anticancer therapies, aiming to reinforce their effectiveness.


  • Stable circulation throughout the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Drug absorption by the lymphatic system;
  • Both oral and parenteral administration;
  • Increased oral bioavailability.