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The innovative aspects of the present invention concern the development of associations containing one or more molecules of the present invention and a conventional antibiotic, in order to enhance the antimicrobial activity and broaden the spectrum of action, reduce the onset of drug resistance, together with a reduction in the relative concentrations of the single components.

Technical features

This is a very pressing issue. This class of adjuvants has the advantage of having a synergistic effect with conventional antimicrobials, with the potential final result of: a) decrease the amount of  conventional antimicrobial used, resulting in lower toxicity and less propensity to develop antibiotic resistance; b) broadening the spectrum of action for a given antimicrobial; c) safeguarding the antibacterial potential of conventional CIA antibiotics. Further strengths of this class of adjuvants are related to the selectivity of action, since the molecular target is absent in humans, and to the lower development of bacterial resistance because they act on a metabolic pathway that is not essential for the growth of the pathogen. It also has an application in both the human and veterinary fields, making it potentially of great interest even for pharmaceutical companies.

Possible Applications

  • Antibiotic therapy in animals and humans;
  • Antibiotic therapy of multi-resistant pathogens;
  • Preservation of antibacterial activity of conventional antibiotic included in CIAs;
  • Activity on Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and on Candida albicans;
  • Synergistic activity with colistin.


  • Antibiotic-resistance prevention;
  • Reduction of dosage of conventional antibiotic ;
  • Wider spectrum ;
  • Selectivity of action because of the lack of the target in humans.