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Navigation and orientation system based on mixed haptic-visual technology

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The object of the invention is to provide a system and a method of navigation and orientation based on mixed haptic-visual technology which provides information about navigation and orientation in an intuitive and non-intrusive manner and is suitable both for use in the natural environment and in urban areas.

Technical features

The system consists of a mobile device (comprising a positioning system, a display unit and a navigation software application) connected via a wireless communication module to (at least) a haptic unit positioned in contact with the user’s body. The navigation software evaluates whether the user, to follow the chosen route, must deviate or continue straight and indicates the direction to follow, as well as by means of the screen, activating the haptic unit. The haptic unit produces a pattern of differentiated vibrations depending on whether the deviation to be made is to the right or left, and of greater or lesser intensity depending on whether the angle between the direction previously followed and the one to be undertaken is more or less broad.

Possible Applications

  • Orientation in sports and outdoor activities;
  • Orientation for boating;
  • Virtual guide for tourism.


  • Possible use in the natural environment (mountain, open terrain, sea etc.) and not only in the city;
  • Greater security given by the possibility of movement without looking at the map;
  • No interference of the ambient brightness in the screen reading.