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This invention consists of an innovative repassage process and an original and automated plant for the natural removal of ochratoxin A (OTA) from contaminated musts/wines. OTA is a very common toxin in nature and toxic from humans. The fractioned repassage of must/wine over uncontaminated grape pomace removes naturally OTA and leaves unaltered the organoleptic characteristics of the treated must/wine.

Technical features

The innovative repassage process and plant exploit the capacity of the grape pomace to selectively absorb OTA from contaminated must/wine. The OTA removal process does not alter the organoleptic characteristics of the treated must/wine. An appropriate and advantageous stabilization process of grape pomace has also been developed, which keeps unaltered the organoleptic characteristics of pomace for long periods without altering the capacity to adsorb OTA.

The selection of the vine and the quality of the grape pomace to be used in the decontamination process, in addition to removing OTA, can be advantageously exploited to improve or modify the qualitative and sensorial characteristics of the treated must/wine, even to create new wines.

A first prototype for winery has been developed and used with excellent results: OTA removal of 70-80% from 1000 liters of must/wine in just 5 hours.

Possible Applications

  • Oenology: natural decontamination of musts and wines from mycotoxin OTA and improvement of their quality;
  • Food industry: treatment/decontamination of liquid foods and/or drinks.


  • Excellent production capacity;
  • Scalability of the plant keeping the working time unchanged (5 hours);
  • Ease of use: automation does not require specialized personnel;
  • Versatility: can be used at any stage of fermentation and after fermentation;
  • “Green” process: use of waste materials (grape pomace).