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Natural interaction in 3D mixed reality

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The present invention is a system for three-dimensional stereoscopic rendering of virtual objects in a real scenario by means of a display screen with respect to which an observer can move. The observer perceives an ecological coexistence of virtual and real objects, consequently he/she can naturally manipulate them.

Technical features

The present invention is a technique to obtain augmented reality systems capable to correctly render 3D virtual objects to an observer, who changes his/her position in the real world and acts in the virtual scenario. This technique overcomes the problems of incorrect perception of three-dimensionality, which are present in prior art stereoscopic rendering systems. In particular, we have developed a mixed reality system, which implements the devised technique that allows a coherent perception of both virtual and real objects to a user acting in an augmented environment. This is achieved through a continuous tracking of the eyes’ position of the observer and a consequent re-computing of the devised generalized asymmetric frustums in order to produce the correct left and right stereo images that are displayed on the screen, thus allowing a natural interaction between the user and the virtual environment.

Possible Applications

  • Video games;
  • Museum installations;
  • Educational applications;
  • Human-machine interface;
  • Scientific display systems;
  • Simulators;
  • Remote medicine and remote operation applications;
  • Rehabilitation applications.


  • Low-cost;
  • Easy to use;
  • Natural perception;
  • Natural interaction;
  • Realistic simulations;
  • Decrease of 3D distortions;
  • Decrease of visual fatigue.