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NANOTUNE – optimizing nanoremediation

ESTECHNanoparticles and colloidsPorous mediaremediationWater treatment


The invention refers to a method to improve the effectiveness of groundwater remediation techniques based on the injection of reactive micro- and nanoparticle suspensions. This method involves the controlled injection of a destabilizing agent to tune the spatial distribution of the particles into the aquifer and to optimize the use of the reactive material.

Technical features

The invention refers to a method to control the transport and tune the deposition of colloidal suspensions in porous media, and in particular in groundwater. The method involves the subsurface injection of a stable colloidal suspension and of a destabilizing agent. Controlling the mixing point of the two substances is possible to control the position where the destabilization / deposition of the colloids occurs. The colloidal suspension and the destabilizing agent may be injected into the porous medium from different points and/or in different moments and using different injection techniques. Optimising the operating parameters of the injection (discharge rate, colloid and destabilizing agent concentration, injection time, etc.…) the desired final distribution of the colloid in the porous medium can be achieved.

Possible Applications

  • Remediation of polluted sites: Nanoparticle, foam and emulsion, and reagent injections;
  • Enhanced oil recovery;
  • Wastewater and air treatment: Production of reactive filters and catalytic converters;
  • Soil stabilization/improvement: Permeability reduction and Mechanical consolidation.


  • Control of the deposited colloids:
    • shape and position of the deposition area;
    • concentration/amount;
  • Flexibility;
  • Reactive material effective use;
  • Control on the final fate of the injected material.