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Nanoparticles coated by bile salt modulating their uptake by macrophages

Bile SaltFree-polymer nanoparticles.MacrophagesUp-take macrophagic


The proposed invention consists of nanoparticles made of therapeutic agents insoluble in aqueous environment, able to modulate their phagocytosis by macrophage cells thanks to a bile acid salt corona.

Technical features

Polymer-free nanoparticles consist of an insoluble drug / prodrug in an aqueous medium covered by a bile acid salt corona; the different types of bile salt-corona modulate the intensity of phagocytosis of nanoparticles by macrophages. Depending on the choice of coating bile salt, the nanoparticles may constitute a method to delivery in the macrophages the therapeutic agent of which they are made, or prevent their capture by the macrophage cells allowing to obtain potential “long circulation” nanoparticles able to selectively direct themselves into specific tissues, such as tumor tissues according to a classic passive targeting process.

Possible Applications

  • Effective treatment of diseases (eg: caused by viral and / or bacterial pathogens, from fungi or parasites belonging to protozoa) that can affect macrophages;
  • Treatment of tumor pathologies by passive targeting of the drug.


  • Opportunity to select the target;
  • No Toxicity;
  • High biocompatibility and low side effects;
  • Easy to formulate with low production cost.