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Nanoparticle Polymeric films with photothermal properties

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The invention concerns new polymeric films, loaded with non-toxic nanoparticles, capable of converting light into heat quickly (5-10 seconds) and by remote activation. These polymeric films will be used for therapeutic purposes, creating a new type of thermal patches capable of overcoming the disadvantages of those currently existing (low efficiency, uncontrolled heating speed, single use and skin irritation).

Technical features

The invention relates to novel polymeric films loaded with non-toxic nanoparticles capable efficiently convert absorbed light into heat. Upon remote red light (700 – 900 nm) activation, the temperature increases rapidly and reaches a plateau temperature within 5-10 s.

The materials can be used as part of new generation heating patches capable to overcome drawbacks of existing ones: low efficiency; uncontrolled heating increase rate, single use and skin irritation.

The developed technology is ready to create a new market segment of heating patches for medical practices. Further development of this technology (portable radiation source) can bring other possibilities of its application and create new market segments.

Possible Applications

  • Heating patch for healing and pain relief in controllable and programmable way;
  • The proposed technology can attract following stakeholders: physical rehabilitation centers; trainers of professional athletes; medical practices.


  • Remote and on demand activation;
  • Re-usability;
  • Rapid and controllable heating increase;
  • Eco-friendly and not toxic;
  • Programmable and personalized heating treatment;
  • Potential for other applications;
  • Low cost technology.