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Nanofibroin and composition that contains it for cosmetic applications

ChitosanCosmeceuticalCosmeticFibroin nanoparticleNanofibroin


Combination of two agents of natural origin (one of which as nanoparticles) for formulations, applications in the cosmetic and cosmeceutical/ dermatological fields and cosmetic compositions comprising the two agents in synergistic action.

Technical features

Composite nanomaterial that is composed of the synergistic action of two agents of natural origin, in the form of formulation and composition can be prepared in a way known per se, for example by hot, cold, hot-hot / cold emulsification or PIT (Phase Inversion Temperatures), with a purely mechanical process without any chemical reaction. These preparations can be designed for sun protection (in liquid or cream, paste or solid form, spray), for repairing creams, and cosmetic and cosmeceutical-dermatological products with the aim of improving skin hydration, action repairing the skin barrier, for example from the point of view of transdermal water loss, and protection from UV radiation.

The present invention overcomes the difficulty of conveying the beneficial properties of natural products in cosmetic products by limiting or avoiding the onset of hypersensitization and allergenic effects. of the skin, the repairing action of the skin barrier and protection from UV radiation.

Possible Applications

  • Cosmeceutical field;
  • Dermatological field;
  • Cosmetic field.


  • No sensitizing effects;
  • Viscous action;
  • Gellifying action;
  • Buildable product texture;
  • Improvement of skin hydration.