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Nanoconstruct for the antitumor therapy



A novel multifuncitonal nanoconstruct is proposed, constituted by a biomimetic and non-immunogenic shell derived from tumor cells, and a therapeutically-active core, able to generate toxic species against cancer cells. The nanoconstruct is also able to perform diagnostic imaging of the tumor region.

Technical features

The nanoconstruct is capable of inducing high mortality of cancer cells and imaging them. In particular, it has high selectivity to target cells, reducing side effects on healthy cells. It provides for the absence of chemotherapeutic drugs, therefore there are no side effects associated with their somministration. It has high biocompatibility, immunotransparency and non-toxicity. The dimensions are nanometric (less than 150-200 nm) and has therapeutic efficacy developed by the nanocrystalline heart that is capable of releasing toxic species only on target cells. Diagnostic imaging occurs thanks to the nanoscale contrast agent property when energized by a suitable UV light source. The nanoconstruct is biodegradable, therefore it shows final dissolution at the end of therapeutic and diagnostic activity.


Possible Applications

  • Anticancer therapy;
  • Diagnostic imaging of target cancer cells;
  • Possibility to apply it as a antibacterial coating or somministration.


  • Selective;
  • Multifuncitonal offering therapy and diagnosis at the same time;
  • Biodegradable;
  • Biocompatible at the end of its work;
  • Efficaceous;
  • Immunotransparent;
  • Not a drug carrier.