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Nano-ensembles on screen printed electrodes

Biosensorsnanoelectrode ensemblesscreen printed electrodes


The patent describes a novel process to improve the assembly of nanostructured surfaces on screen printed electrodes; the method is very simple because of the presence of an adhesive mask and enables to obtain stable sensors for high analical perfomances.

Technical features

This process is useful to produce hybrid sensing systems, coupling the active nanoparticles and screen printed electrodes. In such a way high level of innovation due to nanotechnologies is coupled with flexibility of disposable electrochemical supports. A strong limitation is due to the lability of this device under operation flow conditions. The use of an insulating mask makes the process cheap and simple, and more importantly avoids the device degradation under flow conditions. Minimum dimensions of the tested sensor 1 cm x 3 cm, maximum 2 cm x 5 cm with a maximum thickness of 1 mm. The test was carried out only (on a laboratory scale therefore) with printed electrodes of the disposable type in transparent PVC plastic support. Surfaces are customized according to specific requirements, as analytical tool for pollutants, and specific compounds to be monitored.

Possible Applications

  • Electrochemical biosensing,
  • miniaturization of measurement systems such as sensors
  • lab on chip


  • Simple and cheap production process
  • device flexibility; genral applicability;
  • high sensitivity and specificity