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MuVAM: decision support software

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MuVAM is an intelligent and fast tool that allows teams/groups to think strategically, develop shared solutions and deliberate on a decision-making problem. Through an easy-to-use software platform, participants can interact in person, remotely or even asynchronously, to represent problems, observe them from different perspectives and decide.


Technical features

MuVAM is a web application designed to support decision-making processes related to complex problems, equipped with a very effective online graphical interface.   The methodology is scientifically sound, based on a combination of Strategic Choice Approach and Analytic Hierarchy Process.. MuVAM works with a series of algorithms and mathematical methods in the background to guide participants through five steps aimed at: representing the problem, identifying possible solutions, identifying decision criteria and their weights, comparing solutions and illustrating results. Attachments, links and map representations can be included to support the process. Lastly, it can be used by groups working in real time, in presence or remotely, or in asynchronous mode, allowing them to participate in the same workshop from anywhere, even deferred.


TRL: 7

Possible Applications

  • Architecture, urban development and spatial projects;
  • Use in management courses and seminars;
  • Development of an innovative decision-making framework in the business environment;
  • Heritage valorisation;
  • Decision-making processes for which it is useful to trace the flow of decisions.


  • Data synchronised everywhere (cloud based);
  • Real-time or delayed collaboration and feedback;
  • Easy iterability and replicability of processes;
  • Detailed graphical rendering of solutions;
  • Support for attachments and useful links;
  • Advanced AHP-based analysis algorithm.