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Multiple surgical drainage device

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Most surgical instruments required the placement of one or more drains that help to identify the presence of any complications. For each individual drain it is necessary to make an incision to create an access door. The invention consists of a highly flexible multiple drainage, which avoids multiple access doors, allowing to maximize the flow rate of fluids and the simultaneous extraction or to single parts at different times. This innovative system has significant practical and safety advantages compared to current devices.

Technical features

The device comprises a tubular body with a circular section, formed by at least two independent tubular portions, integral but separable. The device can be used to drain at least two areas without the need for multiple wall incisions and is adaptable to numerous operating contexts. The circular structure of the device makes it easy to insert. The tubular body is made of biocompatible material of different stiffness according to the needs. The length of the tubular portions can be the same or different and they can be made and coupled so as to increase cohesion while maintaining easy separability. It is possible to remove the tubular portions both individually and together and the sections can have different shapes according to the needs. The invention allows the use of a single drainage adaptable to numerous areas of surgery, avoiding the risks associated with the arrangement of several drainages and making the work of doctors easier.

Possible Applications

  • Open surgery;
  • Laparoscopic surgery;
  • Abdominal surgery;
  • Transplant surgery.


  • Multiple drainage with single entrance door;
  • Easy access through the wall;
  • Variable conformation according to needs;
  • Possible removal of each duct at different times.