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Multiple radial joint

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The invention consists of a “multiple radial joint with fine angular control” which allows to reconfiguring a plurality of elements converging towards a node of a structure, creating rigid systems that can be dismantled and easily modified in shape. Used for bicycle frames, it allows each user to configure the bike with simple tools and with minimal handcrafting.

Technical features

The patent interprets the processes of custom bike artisan workshops: with the invented multiple radial joint it is possible to build unique bicycle frames with simple tools and without specific skills. In fact, the custom bikes can be easily configured to fulfil the present and future needs, taste, and style of their owners. Using the patented module as a basic element there is an almost infinite possibility of reconfiguring the frame shape, material, colour and finishes, and accessories. All cyclists will benefit from this innovation: city riders can have a different and unique style, the parents can reuse or change the tubes to follow their children’s growth, the enthusiast can upgrade components with fancy materials like carbon structures, eco-sensitive persons may prefer sustainable materials like bamboo.

Possible Applications

  • Do it yourself (DIY) of custom bicycle;
  • Customizable Bicycles in components and accessories;
  • Bike Hacks;
  • Any structure that requires the need to have frames with “fine angle” assembly.


  • It is possible to build custom bicycle frames with simple tools and without specific skills;
  • Bicycles can be easily re-configured to fulfil the cyclists’ present and future needs;
  • Opening of the niche market of bespoke bicycles to the larger bicycle market which is growing today due to the Covid 19 pandemic;
  • The bicycles designed in this way enter a sustainable production and consumption system that does not involve obsolescence since all the components can be reused for new models.