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Multifunctional suture threads

AntibioticAntimicrobial propertiesControlled releaseMelt spinningSurgical sutures


The present invention refers to the field of medical-surgical devices and in particular it refers to a method for producing suture threads with multifunctional properties (antimicrobial and/or antibiotic and/or cicatrizing); the preparation method is based on the melt incorporation of the antimicrobial and/or antibiotic and/or cicatrizing agent and allows the modulation of the release of the amount of the antimicrobic and/or antibiotic and/or cicatrizing component as a function of the preparation conditions.

Technical features

This invention provides a method and the related production technology for the manufacturing of multifunctional suture threads with antimicrobial and/or antibiotic and/or cicatrizing properties that can be modulated as a function of the manufacturing conditions. The threads can display single properties or multiple properties among those described above. In particular, it was build up a technology that consider the melt incorporation of an antimicrobial and/or antibiotic and/or cicatrizing agent during the preparation of the suture threads. The spinning process is inline with the extrusion and by modulating the amount of agent, the drawing conditions, it is possible to regulate the final diameter, the mechanical resistance and the release of the necessary amount of agent over the space (i.e. locally in the proximity of the filament) and over the time (i.e. regulating the duration of the antimicrobial and/or antibiotic and/or cicatrizing activity).

Possible Applications

  • Medical-surgical devices;
  • Antimicrobial suture threads;
  • Surgical suture with antibiotic properties;
  • Multifunctional suture threads.


  • Simplicity of realization of the final device;
  • Solvent-free technology;
  • Control of the active agent release;
  • Modulation of the mechanical properties;
  • Cost reduction.