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Multifunctional Mortar / Plaster

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Multifunctional mortar with low environmental impact to improve the air quality in confined spaces, thanks to its depolluting properties, of hygroscopic buffer capabilities, electromagnetic shield feature, in addition to the conventional mechanical strength and permeability properties.

Technical features

The multi-functional mortar is a passive system that combines the characteristics of removal of polluted air-dispersed, humidity regulation and EM fields shielding, in a single compound able therefore to increase for a long time the health and well-being of the occupants of confined spaces, in addition to performing the ordinary functions of mortars for indoor environments. The mortar is also obtained from by-products of the production and / or recycling of building materials, thus ensuring a low environmental impact during its production and its disposal. The multi-functional mortar is suitable for all uses of common mortars used in the civil and non-civil construction sector, and therefore does not require specific skills for its use.

Possible Applications

  • Construction (for homes and public buildings);
  • Manufacturers of mortars and construction materials.


  • Lightness to reduce thermal transmittance, to reduce transport costs and, through the reduction of own non-structural weights, to improve anti-seismic behavior;
  • Adequate mechanical performance, to avoid cracking and degradation;
  • Breathability for the disposal of water vapor;
  • Resistance to attack by microorganisms to prevent mold growth;
  • Low environmental impact thanks to the use of non-hazardous industrial by-products.