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Multifunctional modular floating systems

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Sea level rise is an increasingly real problem as is the need for some coastal cities to expand over water. The present solution allows floating land to be built ensuring, compared to the current dredging technique, a low impact on the ecosystem in which it fits as well as modular growth of the system and flexibility of use.
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2022-029_water ballast

Technical features

The technology consists of a system of modular floating platforms with a polygonal shape that allow the creation of soil on the water that, thanks to the mooring system, adapts to sea level rise and minimizes the impact on the marine ecosystem. These units are connected to each other by semi-rigid elements thus enabling the modular and reconfigurable growth of the system. Balancing, stability and adaptability to different functions and thus compositional freedom of the superstructure is ensured by a ballast adjustment innovative system in the platform. The floating platforms are attached to the seabed through mooring lines and anchors, which thus allow these systems to be installed at different bathymetries and to adapt to changes in water level, caused by climate change or the tidal cycle.

Possible Applications

  • Floating structures for residential use;
  • Floating structures to support floating farms;
  • Solution to sea level rise;
  • Soil construction in coastal areas;
  • Innovation hub for related technologies;
  • Support structures for aquaculture.


  • Buoyancy & stability;
  • Realization of soil on water;
  • Low environmental impact & Freedom of design;
  • Modular growth & Functional adaptability.