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Multifunctional bioresorbable optical fiber for diagnosis and therapy

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The invention relates to a multifunctional bioresorbable optical fiber. It is a microstructuredoptical fiber made with an inorganic glass capable of being reabsorbed by the human body. This device can combine in itself different functions such as the efficient conduction of light signals to and from within a living being and the release of chemicals such as drugs or markers

Thanks to these characteristics, it is able to simultaneously perform the functions of diagnosis and therapy, constituting a flexible platform in which multiple light-based diagnostic protocols as well as therapeutic protocols can be implemented.

Technical features

The proposed device allows the use of optical fibers within the human or animal body for a time that can be established a priori, thanks to the fact that within this period of time the optical fiber is reabsorbed from the biological environment without disturbing its equilibrium. Therefore it allows to leave the device on site after its installation, e.g. by surgical techniques. Furthermore, in the event of an accidental breakage of the fiber, the released material would be reabsorbed by the human body in a reasonable time without causing the dangers to which the patient would be subjected if using a conventional optical fiber, made of glass that is not soluble in organic fluids. The geometric configuration of the optical fiber provides a microstructured section which includes both an optical functionality and a chemical release functionality.

Possible Applications

  • Cancer therapies;
  • Theranostics;
  • In-vivo release of drugs;
  • Personalized medicine;
  • Photodynamic therapy.


  • Ability to release drugs and transmit light to deep regions of the body simultaneously;
  • Real-time monitoring of the treatment;
  • Usable for diagnostics and therapy;
  • Bioresorbable optical fiber.