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Multicolor Amplified Spontaneous Emission

Amplified Spontaneous Emission; color tunability; LASERInformatica Tsd EnLaser


The invention consists in a method for the realization of active layers based on organic molecole showing Amplified Spontaneous Emission in multiple spectral bands by combining a uniform active layer with a material emitting at the first color and a second active material emitting at a different color, with a controller aggregation on the micrometric scale.

Technical features

To date no active material for light amplification by Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) and for LASERs is able to operate in spectral ranges wider than few tens of nanometers. This lead to the possibility to realize only light sources with a well defined color (monochromatic). The invention consists in the development of a method for the realization of ASE and LASER light sources emitting simultaneously at least to distinct colors, by combining a uniform active layer of the material emitting at the firt color and a second active material with emission at a different color, with a controlled aggregation at the micrometric scale. The invention opens the way to the development of active layers with multicolor ASE and lasing, as laser white lighting systems, wide band telecommunication systems, able to simultaneously operate in different spectral regions.

Possible Applications

  • Manifacturing activities;
  • Chemical products realization;
  • Fabrication of electronic and optical products for the realization of integrated multicolor laser light sources;
  • Lighting white lasers bodies, optical multibands laser sensors, wide band light amplifiers for telecommunications.


  • Approach compatible with the current deposition technologies of organic layers for laser applications;
  • Method reprodubile, optimizable and applicable to other systems beyond the test one;
  • Potential applications in a wide range of fields, like illuminotechnic, sensoristis and telecommunications.