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Multi-touch sensing surface for projection-based AR

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Spatial, or Spatially, Augmented Reality (SAR) is a new approach to represent highly immersive content in the real environment. In such systems, space is achieved by projecting graphic information directly onto the external surface of objects without any image plane in between. The use of a tracking system allows you to update the projection according to the position and orientation of the physical object.

Technical features

The invention, which is in its experimental phase, can be applied to all those fields requiring a fast and agile alteration of the external visible features of a physical prototype or that need to display non-realistic information spatially consistent with the same. The shape of tangible object, available with real or scaled dimensions according to the needs, is used as a target surface for the projection and therefore it needs to be manufactured with a neutral colour, uniform finishing and non-reflective material. The images, generated for each of the projector included in the system, are then rendered by the control unit according to (i) the silhouette of the prototype computed from its 3D digital model, (ii) the placement data coming from the tracking system, (iii) the relative positions of the projectors, if more than one are available, (iv) the rendering capability of the projectors in term of colour, brightness and resolution of the light beams, (v) the external properties of the prototype surfaces and (vi) the modifications applied by the user(s) on the digital contents.

Possible Applications

  • ICT;
  • Fashion design;
  • Packaging;


  • Insensitive to direct manipulations of the physical prototype;
  • Allows to track all the translations and rotations that can be applied on a planar surface;
  • Quick installation and an easy calibration of the hardware which becomes easily transportable;