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Multi-sensory warning system to monitor air quality

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A multi-sensory system adapted for the prevention of occupational diseases in the workplace, in particular for volatile organic compounds (VOC) and a method of monitoring and warning of contamination levels and air quality, in particularly for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon oxides, in particular carbon dioxide, and warning of contamination levels. Unlike products already on the market, the device offers real-time monitoring to create a database that gives workers all the information they need about their working environment and vital parameters. The device adapts to all levels of air quality, offering three readings to suggest to users when the mask is not required, when it should be worn, and when the air quality is critical.

Technical features

Data is collected on a connected app, both for the user and for the employer, thereby instructing them for future use. The system comprising a series of connected devices able to monitor and provide information to the operators operating in painting systems: 1) a protective facial mask; 2) an electronic nose device suitable for providing data over time relating to air quality in said work environment when worn by the person; 3) breathing detection device, designed to provide data over time relating to the respiratory rate when worn by the person; and 4) a data processing and display device, suitable for receiving and storing the data emitted by said protective facial mask.

Possible Applications

  • In unhealthy working environments, particularly in painting systems;
  • Also applicable for firefighters, ecological operators, during visits of abandoned buildings, construction sites;
  • Inspections of contaminated buildings;


  • Real-time monitoring to create a database that provides workers with all the necessary information about the environment in which they work and on vital parameters;
  • The real-time information that the system provides alerts the user when it is necessary to wear a device of protection;
  • Reduction of respiratory diseases;
  • Prevention of COVID-19 in such workplaces.