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Multi-performance hysteretic rheological device

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The invention relates to a multipurpose mechanical device capable of providing hysteretic non-linear return forces with adjustable properties. The proposed device can be used in different applications sharing the characteristic of exploiting the non-linear and dissipative return force exerted by the assembly of different ropes and wires of different materials.

Technical features

The invention relates to a mechanical structure capable of providing non-linear return forces characterized by hysteresis cycles whose shapes can be adjusted. The forces are exerted by stranded cables composed of steel wires and shape memory material subject to bending or traction / bending actions. Both stiffness and energy dissipation (damping) are provided by the ropes alone. The ability to adjust and optimize the shape of the hysteresis cycles according to the application makes the device versatile. Furthermore, the hysteretic force can act as a localized dissipator of kinetic energy in the control of shocks / vibrations of different structures. The innovation of the device consists in the possibility of adjusting the shape of the hysteretic cycles according to the application. The version based on steel ropes is for civil applications where the large scale of the system does not determine high costs thanks to the economy of the materials, while the one that uses shape memory alloy ropes is for specialized applications where the dimensions of the system are more contained.

Possible Applications

  • Vibration damper;
  • Energy sink;
  • Adaptive structural element;
  • Actuator;
  • Rheological element.


  • Possibility to adjust the shape of the hysteretic cycles depending on the application;
  • Modular damping trend as a function of the displacement in the loading and unloading cycles;
  • Variable stiffness trend as a function of the displacement in the loading and unloading cycles;
  • Reliable, robust and economical device.