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Multi-layer material for packaging

Barrier packagingCompostableMultilayered materialOssigenoOxygenwater


The invention refers to a  new class of multi-layer materials for packaging of products that need to be kept in controlled and constant conditions as it regards humidity and gas concentration, in particular oxygen.

Technical features

The invention consist in a material designed from renewable raw materials, for both food and non-food packaging for a product that requires a barrier to water and oxygen, such as those subject to the oxidative action. The invention can be exploited for the development of packaging film barrier which preserves the organoleptic and chemical-physical content. It couples polylactic acid (PLA) providing a good barrier to moisture, and the microfibrillated cellulose (MFC, initially in the form of gel), which acts as barrier to oxygen.

Possible Applications

  • Packaging;
  • Biodegradable solutions;
  • Sealing;
  • Biomedical devices;
  • Food contact.


  • Environment-friendly material from renewable sources;
  • Substantial barrier to both water vapor and oxygen;
  • No coupling agents or adhesives are used thus allowing for the adhesion of different layers.