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The technology presented takes part in the multi-barrier synchronous reluctance electric machines. Specifically, a new rotor geometry is proposed that, through the use of permanent magnets of the same size and an innovative configuration of the flow barriers, guarantees better performance of the electric machine.

Technical features

The invention consists of a particular solution for a rotor or translational rotor for electric machine, motor or generator, synchronous type with variable reluctance assisted by permanent magnets. The aim of the invention is to obtain a solution with identical permanent magnets, together with their minimization, obtaining a highly industrializable solution and a reduction in cost both by minimizing materials with higher specific cost, both rationalizing that facilitating a minimization of the variable cost of production management.

Large permanent magnets require greater quantities of heavy rare earths (e.g. Dy), which are critical materials for which shortage problems are expected in the future, as demonstrated by numerous technical-scientific publications, for example concerning electric traction vehicles.

Possible Applications

  • Electric traction (automotive, railway, etc …);
  • Fluid processes (pumps, compressors, fans);
  • Electricity generation;
  • Marine propulsion applications and other types;
  • Industrial lifting;
  • Paper converting, packaging, plastic production.


  • Greater efficiency of the electric machine;
  • Unique code of magnets;
  • Simple components and production process;
  • Product cost reduction;
  • Critical materials minimization.