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MPC for Primary Control in Islanded Microgrids

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An Innovative Control for Islanded Microgrids that permits to manage voltages, frequency and the state of charge of the storages through a distributed and communication-less architecture.

Technical features

The invention is based on the implementation of an MPC (Model Predictive Control) controller for power converters which operates in islanded microgrids. The controller operates at primary regulation level. The MPC controller allows to define the control objectives and constraints according to the type of source connected to the power converter. The invention is designed to be best applied to microgrids without inertia, formed by batteries and photovoltaic plants. The control objectives and constraints can change according to the operating mode of the microgrid. For example, in case of maximum power absorption of the battery, thanks to the proposed control system, the photovoltaic plant limits its power delivery independently, without any communication system but only with the monitoring of the microgrid frequency.

Possible Applications

  • Islanded microgrids (remote areas);
  • Islanded electric systems (ships);
  • Repowering of existing microgrids.


  • Overcoming the traditional architechture based on three levels through a vertical system which make the management easier;
  • Improvement of the power quality;
  • The frequency error of the microgrid is avoided.