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MoviWE.Q Omnidirectional motorised wheelchair

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MoviWE.Q is a motorized wheelchair that aims to solve the mobility limitations of ordinary wheelchairs through a locomotion system that enables trajectories in the plane without constraining the user’s orientation to the direction of motion. The device can be controlled either directly by the user or by an assistant operator through a sensor-controlled handle.


Technical features

The MoviWE.Q motorized wheelchair is designed to facilitate independent mobility for people with reduced mobility in their lower limbs or to allow an assistance operator to easily accompany people who are unable to drive themselves. The device can in fact be controlled by a three-axis joystick in the manual driving mode, or via a sensor-controlled handle in the accompanied driving mode. The MoviWE:Q device consists of a height-adjustable seat installed on an omnidirectional platform composed of two locomotion groups and two passive pivoting wheels. Each locomotion unit consists of a steerable motor wheel. By appropriately controlling the four motors present, it is possible to follow trajectories in the plane without constraining the user’s orientation to the direction of motion, making navigation in confined spaces and lateral translations possible.

Possible Applications

  • Home environment;
  • Hospital environment;
  • Care facilities, e.g. Day-Hospital and RSA;
  • Public places, e.g. museums, stations, airports.


  • Navigation in confined spaces;
  • Assisted driving mode;
  • Simplification of requirements for the adaptation/design of spaces accommodating wheelchair users;
  • Compared to other solutions in the literature: improved controllability, safety, efficiency, user comfort.