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Monopolar electric scalpel

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The invention allows the monopolar scalpel to be gripped and operated, favoring its use as a tweezer without interfering with its basic functions. During the operation the monopolar is used in its function of cutting cauterization and coagulation, at the moment in which the need arises, it can be converted into pliers with the use of the object designed ready for use in the surgeon’s hand.

Technical features

Some patients with intracranial pathologies affecting the cerebral ventricles and the cranial base, due to the risk associated with the lack of physiological spaces that allow the correct packaging of traditional stapling, are destined to surgical approaches that are much more invasive and less likely to succeed than modern minimally invasive endoscopic procedures. The proposed invention consists of a new surgical instrument with a geometry designed to minimize the radial dimensions of the object and therefore the space necessary for its use. Thanks to the double function of scalpel and pliers it is also possible to operate without the need to change a surgical instrument that allows to grasp and operate the scalpel favoring its use in its secondary function of tweezer with a new mechanism much more compact without interfering with the its basic functionalities thus favoring the optimization of the procedure and the increase in the safety of the maneuvers.

Possible Applications

  • Excision of cysts;
  • Excision of tumors located in the cerebral ventricles;
  • Creation of trans-nasal accesses to the pituitary gland or cranial base;
  • Endoscopic Third-ventriculostomy.


  • Decrease in surgical time;
  • Decreased probability of complications associated with surgery;
  • Savings in terms of necessary equipment;
  • Inclusion of more patients to minimally invasive neurosurgical treatments.