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Monitoring Device for the psychomotor growth of a child

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CareToy is a modular smart «toy gym» for domestic use of premature babies. It consists of an enriched stimulating environment able to provide many stimuli to the baby (lights, colours and videos) in 360° and able to record the feedback (activity of the baby) thanks to many sensors ( pressure, strenght and movement) and to a webcam.

Technical features

A promoting and monitoring system for the psychomotor growth of a child including a phisical interaction environment with many sensing areas (light and colours) able to record data and many sensing areas to recird pressure data to monitor the feedback of the child to the inputs. The system is completed by a control unit and a video interface. The system is completed with a control unit and a video interface. This invention is able in a distinctive manner to monitor a multiplicity of parameters, synchronize the information received and integrate it, so as to obtain better feedback than those offered by other devices based on univocal stimuli, and feedback analyzed one by one. In this way many more nuances are possible in the identification of the motor / cognitive delay of the child.

Possible Applications

  • Bioengeneering;
  • Promotion of children psychomotor growth;
  • Children rehabilitation.


  • Modularity;
  • Intensive and customized rehabilitation care;
  • Domestic use;
  • Scientific evidence and validation (Sgandurra et al., PlosONE 2017);
  • Compliance with basic requirements of safety for medical device Class II A.