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Monitoring and control system with acoustic sensor

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Acoustic supervision system for the localization and discrimination of the type of noise in domestic environments with the aim of rationalizing the use of energy, increasing the safety of the environments and increasing the quality of domestic life.

Technical features

By analyzing the acoustic state of an environment, it is possible to fully interpret what is happening in a domestic environment and therefore some control and intervention actions can be arranged. In fact, the arrangement of four acoustic sensors (microphones) in an environment allows, through a calculation, supervision and control unit, to locate the origin of one or more noises and with a parallel processing of the same noise, other information contents can be extracted that can reveal the type of noise, for example if it is a human voice, a thump on the floor, a malfunction of a device, a TV that is left on when no one is at home, etc. This information allows you to operate or activate alarms or recommend corrective actions.

Possible Applications

  • Domotics;
  • Robotics;
  • Assisted living environment.


  • Rationalization of the use of energy in closed environments;
  • Assistance to lonely or with problems people who need increased safety in domestic environments;
  • Automation of intervention and control procedure;
  • Supervision and control of the proper functioning of “noisy” household appliances.