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MOM’YT – My Operetional Massaging Hypoallergenic Tutor

Lumbo-sacral painMassage beltPhysiotherapy


Massage band, designed for the user who suffers from back pain, specifically localized in the lumbosacral area and performs a non-invasive and repeatable massage for a few minutes. The novelty is the programming through the use of a smartphone application and the creation of the product in soft silicone bags filled with water. The massage performed is not “heavy” because it is performed by soft silicone bags filled with water.

Technical features

The band consists of 4 massaging modules, similar to each other, connected to each other by flexible tubes covered with a Nylon band, with reinforcements at the ends to prevent them from slipping off. It ends with two smaller modules, one containing the electronic board with bluetooth module and charging, the other (opposite to the first) containing two 6v batteries (the power supply unit consists of a total of 4 3v batteries one, which are joined in groups of two in series for the voltage increase and finally in parallel for the duration increase). The liquid is then inserted into a circuit also composed of communicating tanks, one of which is accessible from the outside through a siphon cap. The invention was designed to be made by molding and injections of plastic materials such as ABS and Silicone. There are no finishes on the market that are not compatible with environmental standards and there are no metallic materials. The entire invention is assembled by means of screws that allow easy replacement of any damaged component and unpacking. The device is adjustable and customizable, but the standard version is 487.5mm x 58mm x 89mm in size. It is currently in the pre-prototype phase, but an application is being developed to connect the electronic board to the smartphone.

Possible Applications

  • Back Pain Treatments: lumbo-sacral area;
  • All massage therapies.


  • Size reduction and modularity;
  • Use of durable and resistant materials to extend the life cycle of the product;
  • Designed for Disassembly;
  • Absence of allergenic materials in contact with the skin;
  • Easy to transport, clean and maintain;
  • LiPo battery.