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Molecular signature for theraupeutic targets

differential diagnosismiRNAmolecular diagnosticPeripheral T-cell lymphoma


Peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCL) are very aggressive tumours, and their diagnosis is particularly difficult. Nevertheless, a prompt and correct diagnosis is essential for an optimal patients prognostication and treatment. The invention relates to a method for determining a peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL), in particular for subtyping PTCLs based on the use of a molecular signature.

Technical features

Currently the differential diagnosis of peripheral T-cell lymphomas is entrusted to conventional morphological and immunophenotypic analysis, moreover it imply  engagement of very experienced staff. The reproducibility of results is about 75% amongst expert hematopathologists. The correct recognition of the PTCL subtypes is essential for the correct prognostic and therapeutic classification of the patient.

The invention is based on the observation that the miRNAs expression profile in peripheral T-cell lymphomas is different in the different subtypes of the disease. Being specific and unique, these characteristics correspond to molecular signatures expressed in a given tumor subtype only. The expression of these genes can be evaluated by quantitative or digital PCR or RNA sequencing.

Possible Applications

  • Molecular Diagnostic tools;
  • Diagnosis Arrays.


  • Relatively easy to use in any molecular biology laboratory;
  • Results’ standardization across different laboratories;
  • Improvement of the diagnostic accuracy;
  • Clinical benefits both in terms of prognosis and appropriate therapy.