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Modulable Lamp _ LAMBDA

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Lambda is a countertop lighting system, consisting of a support and recharging base. The light also includes a round-shaped luminous element, shaped like a sphere, removable from the support, which is equipped with its own illuminating element and recharging port. The light is obtained via current LED technical device and also includes a rechargeable battery.

Technical features

The lamp is made up of two main elements: the soft-touch globe light element, with a silicone coating or casing, or similar material, which hosts the LED lighting device. The base element is designed in ABS and has a circular seat, or at least a rounded profile, which hosts the luminous element and accommodates the battery. This seat bears, in correspondence of its own perimeter surface in contact with the luminous element, an LED strip, which emanates a dome light in the absence of the removable globe luminous element. In addition, the base has a mirrored front surface, thus integrating a function of merchandise products different from the lighting sector.

Possible Applications

  • Lighting systems;
  • Accessories for the home and for high-end hotels.


  • Multifunctional lamp;
  • Removable luminous element, illuminated by one or more LEDs and with rechargeable battery;
  • If a light element is supported on the base it constitutes a primary light source;
  • If the luminous element is removed from the base it can be carried as a luminous globe and placed anywhere.