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Modulable Lamp _ EQUILINEUM

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Equilineum is a standing floor lamp. Its innovative features consist in  the reduction of materials used for its construction, obtained through a new essential and linear design, and in the versatility to a multifunctional use. Equilineum can take on different configurations: horizontal, directional, integrable and tilting lighting; stable, diffused and dimmable vertical ambient lighting.

Technical features

Equilineum is made of three main materials: marble, brass and matt silicone. Technically, the lamp can guarantee an adaptability of the light beam’s  intensity (thanks to the dimmer), direction (rotatable, extendable and tilting rod), but the position of the light source (from vertical rods – ambient light, from horizontal rod – directional light). The key elements of the system are: two horizontal rods, connected to the vertical ones by means of a mechanism that guarantees movement; the knot, which was made with silicone modules that guarantee the sliding inside the temples, and a fulcrum articulated by a clutch; the third element is the marble base.

Possible Applications

  • Supply of lighting systems and accessories for the home;
  • Supply of lighting systems and accessories for high-end hotels.


  • Two different lighting systems always based on LED technology;
  • System of the vertical rods, dedicated to ambient and diffused lighting (dimmable);
  • System of the horizontal rod, dedicated to punctual and horizontally directional lighting.