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Mobility control for vehicles or pedestrians

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The invention relates to a system and method for improving control and safety in road and railway mobility. The invention allows extending the visibility to not directly seeing areas and increasing the direct visibility and the perception of events. The technology is geared toward applications for drivers, passengers, pedestrians, autonomous driving systems and centralized monitoring systems.

Technical features

The invention, in the base embodiment, comprises devices placed at various fixed locations, for example at roads intersections or tunnels, and mobile devices installed on board vehicles or used by pedestrians. Mobile devices receive real-time video streams of not yet reached areas or barely visible one due to obstacles or other factors such as lighting, the direction of travel, atmospheric events, etc. They also receive alerts about the movement of nearby subjects. Other embodiments include server devices to provide additional functionality.

The system also lends itself to more extensive use as an information sharing infrastructure giving advanced methods for monitoring and intervention in various contexts allowing, in some circumstances, the automatic detection of situations of potential danger.

Possible Applications

  • Increased safety in mobility;
  • Security enhancement for autonomous driving systems;
  • Tracking and assistance disabled, children and elderly;
  • Automatic detection of emergency situations.


  • Versatility of use;
  • Simplicity of realization;
  • Low cost of implementation, installation, and management;
  • Simplicity of vehicle equipment and site wiring.