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Mixing cartridge for taps for the supply of cold, hot and mixed water

AdjustablekitchenRisparmio idricosave waterwater cartridge


The present invention consists of a mixing cartridge which allows to regulate both the flow rate and the outlet temperature of the water from a kitchen faucet, through a single rotary movement of the control rod.

Technical features

To start the water flow it is necessary to start the rotation with respect to the initial stall position and this will start dispensing only cold water at the minimum flow rate and continuing the rotation, this will consequently begin to increase, but without changing the temperature for a rotation of about 30 °. From this point, by continuing the rotation at the maximum supply of cold water, the minimum supply of hot water is accompanied by the minimum supply of hot water and by continuing to rotate the proportions of hot and cold water are inverted, obtaining in this phase of the rotation, all the “nuances” for mixed water. At the end of these 30 ° seconds of rotation, the supply of cold water is interrupted and there is completely hot water at the maximum flow rate which is progressively reduced to a minimum, without the possibility of closing the flow.

Possible Applications

  • It is a kitchen water dispenser able to be functional as regards water saving, and at the same time in harmony with the domestic environment.


  • It allows to start the delivery always with cold water, avoiding waste of energy necessary to bring the water to temperature, in case of hot water supply;
  • When the flow of water is interrupted, the water hammer does not occur because the flow rate is reduced progressively.