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Mineral oil removal from paper/paperboard

Food contact paper/ paperboardMOAHMOSHrecyclable and reusalble modified porous silicas


The patented technology applied to the production of food contact paper/paperboard allows to remove mineral oil, whose aromatic fraction is claimed to be cangerogenic. The paper color is not affected by the silica treatment.

Technical features

Within the foodstaff packaging field, the currently available technologies enable limitation of organic contaminants migration from paper-based packaging to foodstuff through application of plastic, aluminum or activated carbon layers on/inside paper/paperboard foils. These technologies though require ad hoc paper production chains, whilist contaminants are not removed from packaging. The invention allows adsorbing and removing toxic contaminants (MOSH) and potential carcinogenics (MOAH) from paper/paperboard without the need to modify production line and without altering the cellulose neutral color. The patent application claims the use of mesoporous silicas at high affinity for mineral oil. The silicas are thermally regenerable and reusable in numerous production cycles.

Possible Applications

  • Food contact paper-based packaging production;
  • Oil and petrochemical industry.


  • Reduction of MOSH and MOAH content in food contact paper-based packaging;
  • Production of paper/paperboard of natural color;
  • Low economical impact on the paper production chains;
  • Deforestation containment through the use of recycled paper.