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The invention is a multimodal navigation device for bikes. Thanks to its peculiar design, it can provide intuitively accessible navigation information, and it can turn the two wheels vehicles from sheer mobility tools into unexpected guides to the artistic and cultural attractions of the surroundings.

Technical features

The invention is a navigation indicator device that can be interfaced with a portable electronic device such as a smartphone, and a dedicated app. The app allows the user to select specific themes such as art, music, culture, or others of interest, and the device will flag objects belonging to the chosen category that are in the vicinity. It can be installed on any cycle or motorcycle through its supplied security bracket, made of composite material and equipped with two anti-theft fixings. The electronic section consists of a bluetooth communication module, a microcontroller, high brightness LEDs driven by dedicated drivers and a speaker.

The bluetooth module manages the communication with the smartphone, on which the app is installed. The transmitted indications concern a) turn direction, and b) proximity to places of interest, with place name indication. The microcontroller receives the data from the module, interprets it and drives the connected peripherals.

Possible Applications

  • Cycle Tourism;
  • Bikesharing;
  • Museums, art and music places;
  • Infotaiment;


  • Improve interaction between bike and navigation device;
  • Improve intelligibility of navigation indications;
  • Promote user involvement during navigation;
  • Suggest potential places of artistic and cultural interest in the surroundings.