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The invention aims to mitigate pollution from microplastics (MP) at sea thanks to the contribution provided by the entire naval fleet and the offshore sector. It is estimated that the synergistic intervention of all the parties involved can generate a collection of MPs around thousands of cubic meters per year, thus safeguarding marine ecosystems and the food chain.

Technical features

This invention aims to mitigate pollution from microplastics (MP) at sea with the integration of an inorganic matter treatment system in the loading process of ship’s ballast water. Ships for operational needs treat large quantities of water: in this scenario, this system develops the principles of water treatment, indicated in the IMO Ballast Water Management convention, adding a treatment of inorganic matter to that already mandatory for the extinction of microorganisms. The device for obtaining the collection of MP is based on the use of a technology, already used in the terrestrial environment, consisting of filtering discs in series (disc filter). The invention is part of a global context by exploiting the navigation routes of the entire naval fleet, which takes an active role in the collection of MPs through the system designed. Each ship contributes operationally to the protection of marine ecosystems.

Possible Applications

  • Marine;
  • Nautical;
  • Offshore.


  • MP pollution mitigation.
  • Protection of marine ecosystems.
  • Preservation of the food chain.
  • Energy efficient and sustainable system.
  • High efficiency.